Why Everyone Should Learn Coding?

In this article, we will be looking at, Why Everyone Should Learn Coding, & why it is so important at the moment to learn to code!

With our country taking massive steps towards becoming digitally sound in the time of this unfortunate predicament, the importance of programming or layman terms – coding has become an important skill to acquire!

What is coding?

Coding can be defined as the process of creating instructions for our computer machines using programming languages. 

There exist multiple programming languages; some of the basic languages are C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, and Flutter.

Coding is not simply a skill, it is an art, the smarter you code, the higher money you get! 

Answering the why?

This unforeseen breakthrough of coronavirus has contributed majorly in making India, independent.

Digital India, an initiative by the government lays the foundation stone of transforming India into a digitally empowered society; thus marking the importance of internet and online infrastructure.

You must be wondering how coding will help anyway?

So, the answer is that acquiring this skill can help you in numerous ways.

Learn web development and help the start-ups with their web applications.

Learn app development and contribute to making wonderful life-saving apps as a replacement to the banished Chinese apps.

Learn & master programming languages to become software engineers, & get a job in Top MNCs.

Learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) & bring your imagination to life.

Learn the Internet of Things (IoT) & play with the connected networks.

The list goes on & on… you can learn any technology/language & create and achieve anything that you want. 

Moreover, computers are everywhere, whenever you go, so it does not depend on which field are you, interaction with computers is obvious.

If you are someone, who aspires to pursue development as a career, coding is a must! 

Also, many top companies have started to include coding as a pre-requisite skill, so there’s nothing bad in learning to code, rather it will help widen your knowledge.

➥Benefits of Coding

  • Having a career in this field has great financial potential; be it a start-up or a developer’s job.
  • There exist a plethora of opportunities for those who code!
  • It changes your perspective towards solving problems in the form of practical problem statements.
  • Being a coder, you always have a flexible career. You can always switch to different languages or technologies as and when interested.
  • It might come handy when you aren’t expecting it to be of any use; be it in theory or as a practical approach.
  • Since the Digital Boom in India, companies are always looking for talented developers. 
  • Having a development background can help a lot when you move into management or MBA since companies realize your potential for development.
  • Jobs are all around the world, you can get an offer from London, Mexico, Washington, or California! 

How to start?

Here is a list of top 10 sites that provides detailed programming courses for free to kickstart your coding journey!

  • Codeacademy
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Edx
  • Code Avengers
  • Free Code Camp
  • Khan Academy
  • Code Academy
  • Bit Degree
  • Interview Bit

➥Learning by Technologies

Here is the list of some of the free courses, that you access now & learn for free! 

1. Android Development here

2. Top 5 Google Certifications here

3. Python Courses here

4. Java Courses here

5. Data Science Courses here

6. Web Development Courses here

7. AWS Fundamentals Course here

8. Cyber Security Courses here

9. Data Structures & Algorithms Courses here

10.15 More Courses from Top Tech Companies here

11. R Programming Courses here

There are so many free resources available, you can use any of them, to learn anything you want to learn!

We hope, that you must have understood, why everyone should learn coding, its not an ordinary skill, its an art that needs to be acquired in 2020 & beyond! 

-Contributed by Kanika Gupta, ScholarsXP always values your content!

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