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In the following article, we have listed the Top Skills 2020 by Enrollment. Knowing the number of enrolled people will surely help you to identify the trend & also to make career decisions based on the requirement. The criteria used to measure the top skills in 2020 is by the number of enrolled students in that particular skill.

If you’re looking for the Highest Paying Jobs in 2020, you may visit: Highest Paying Jobs 2020, in which we have briefly talked about the scope & opportunities of each listed skillset for the jobs. 

Do Skills Matter?

Skills have become much more important in the 21st century, with so many active job seekers, the competition for seeking jobs is increasing every minute, so having the right skills matter, & we at ScholarsXP, believe in the same motive. We want you to be empowered by your skills so that no hurdle can stop you to achieve greater heights.

We have divided the Top skills 2020 into 4 major components, thus making it easier to understand for you.

Top Skills 2020


With the rise in the internet & software industry, development has been the most learned by category. The current job market requires professionals to have some kind of experience in development, with that being said, the top skills in development(2020) are : 

Top Skills 2020 DevelopmentW=Web , A = Apps

DS = Data Science, DM = Data Mining

Machine Learning: It is one of the fastest-growing & one of the most important skills for developers in 2020. Companies have started to use machine learning extensively in operations. With the competitions rising each day, machine learning can be a skill, that can make your profile look apart.

Also, having a good command on machine learning enables you to understand and use future technologies, which will be derived from it. To learn machine learning one should have a good grip over python. If you have good knowledge about python, then learning ML will be much easier for you! 

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Did You Know: Python is one of the most learned languages in 2020, with over 16,550,000+ students enrolled! Believe me, python’s demand is going to sky-rocket! So you better learn it now, visit Python in 2020

Web & App Development: With the increasing role of the internet, an exponential increase in the number of websites on the internet has taken place. Companies and startups are now very keen to make their presence online. The demand for web developers has been since the launch of the internet, & now with the smartphones, the demand for professional app developers has increased.

App developers, who can work with both the android & iOS platform always have an edge or the ones developing native apps. Many local agencies, offer businesses websites as well as app services, and thus a good amount of revenue can be generated. With machine learning, apps are becoming more efficient & smarter. Check More: Intelligent Apps in 2020


With the increase in content creation & distribution, the role of designers has increased tremendously. From logo designers to advanced photoshop editors, designing is a sort of creative artwork, which is also fun & is paid decently. If you are someone who is very creative & likes to design, you should try & enhance your skills. The advancement in Softwares and technologies has also enabled the possibility of amazing designs for users. Companies, who primarily works with direct user interaction, are giving considerable importance to the UI of their system. 

The engagement of users back in the 1990s and late 2000s was with the content rather than design, especially in those days, designing was a limited resource. But now, the UI and designing of the system play a very important role in the engagement of users. The Top Skills 2020 in designing are : 

Top Skills 2020 Designing

Majorly the top skills can be divided into the 5 segments as above :

  1. User Experience: UI designing, UX designing, Prototyping, Adobe XD, etc.
  2. Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Video Editing, etc.
  3. Professional: Interior Designing,3-D Modelling, Professional Designs, AutoCAD, Solidworks, etc.
  4. Others: Game Designing, 3-D Development, Unity, etc.


With the edge cutting competition, to survive in any business you need the right skills, or else you are wiped out. The 21st century has witnessed an increasing number of entrepreneurs, & thus is the demand for business skills. The rise in self-employment and independence from the 9-5 job, many have switched their careers from ‘Employees’ to ‘Employers’. Having the right entrepreneur skills can help you to leverage your business, and also work efficiently. 

Technology also plays a very major role in today’s business. Using artificial intelligence, many corporations, have successfully increased their sales. Using strategies with advanced technologies can also help you increase your sales. 

Major Skills in Business Include : 

Top Skills 2020 Business

  1. Data & Analytics: SQL, Business Intelligence(BI), Business Analysis, Data Analysis, etc. [Corporate in-Demand Skill]
  2. Entrepreneurship: Business Fundamentals, DropShipping, Business Strategy, etc.
  3. Finance: Financial Analysis, Investing, Financial Modelling, Accounting, etc.
  4. Management: Project Management, Product Management, Risk Management, etc.

➥Personal & Productivity

With the constant stress of work & deadlines, one needs to stay calm and productive at the same time. There has been a significant rise in the number of working professionals, taking courses related to productivity. Also, improving your interpersonal skills is very much needed in this time of rat race, thus increasing your chance of selection. 

Most working-class people are slowly turning their focus on productivity skills, rather than professional skills. Employers are also putting efforts to improve such skills of their employees. Many MNCs have made it compulsory for their employees to take at least one such course each year.

Major Skills in Personal & Productivity Include :

Top Skills 2020 Personal

  1. Personal Development: Communication Skills, Confidence, Leadership, Time Management, etc.
  2. Finance: Stock Trading, Saving Money, Technical Analysis, Forex, etc.
  3. Study Skills: Speed Reading, Memory, Learning Strategies, Focus, etc.
  4. Others: Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, etc

Thus, these were the top skills by category in 2020 by the number of enrolled students in the course. The skill market is ever-changing and scaling, we hope this article would have helped you to understand the trend and thus understand the right skills needed in 2020.

Skills play a very important role in your professional as well as personal life, so always make sure to keep yourself updated with the latest skills in your domain! 

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