Top Language learning Apps 2020

Languages are a very essential part of our life. Nowadays learning new languages for providing us with a competitive edge for your future and career choices.

So, in this article, we will be looking at the Top language learning Apps 2020, that you can use in your free time & expand your language skillset.

Why learn new languages?

Being able to communicate in other languages enhances our overall skills and provides better communication with other parts of the world. It always gives an upper hand when you know more than just your mother tongue.

It will help you connect to more people and also deepen your connection with other cultures. Learning languages will also help in boosting your confidence.

Moreover, it contributes to strengthening your decision making, since knowing others via language will help you gain a better perspective.

Here are the top 4 language learning apps, most of them are available for both android as well as IOS:

Top Language learning Apps 2020 : 



Founded in 2012, it’s one of the most well-known languages learning app for free right now it has about 300 million users now. It is famous due to effective and efficient easy learning that it provides on a simple platform.

Duolingo has great efficiency due to the instructors being native speakers which makes the language learning easier and efficient.

It’s different from others as it starts from the basics and assumes you know nothing about the language you chose, the app also has smart quizzes, which will help you know your grip on the language.

You can choose over 100 languages, now that’s something which is great! 

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Memrise has about 200 languages to choose from. Its free functionality includes most of the features. It has about 35 million users worldwide, with users growing exponentially.

It was founded in 2010, with the aim to reach more people, via learning more languages, with many contenders in its domain, Memrise, is performing quite well.

It makes learning and practicing vocabulary more engaging and exciting. It uses memes in order to make you learn the vocabulary.

It will keep you engaged and entertained also it does the iteration approach wherein it will make your practice. So go ahead and learn languages in a fun way.


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Bussu founded in 2008 is easy to use the app and also lets you learn at your convenience. It has about 100 million users worldwide.

You have to choose a supported language and you to good to learn. Apart from that, you will also get an option to choose how much do you know about the language you want to learn. (  Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, or Travel). 

One of the unique features of busuu is that the phrases or the word you learn are helpful for everyone and also makes learning faster and efficient. It will make you learn and check your vocabulary by taking quizzes and passing levels.

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Babbel founded in 2007 uses learning techniques that are very significantly effective and also give options to download the lessons you took.

The app has very few choices which are only 15 languages are available, but mind that it has features that are better than some of the paid apps,  & you get access to at least 40 lessons per language.

It makes you learn using the images as well as iteration. The effective use of speech recognition helps the user to speak the language with more proficiency. 

It’s always important not only to learn but also to speak in the very same manner the native people speak.

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-Contributed by Kajal Shah, ScholarsXP always values your content!

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