Top 5 Job Searching Platforms

In the Pre-internet Era, finding jobs was not that easy, you would have to search in newspapers, find the right job, write your resume & send it via a courier.

But with the advancement of Technology, finding jobs these days has been very easy, moreover, the applicants can now find multiple job recruitments in one place at one time! 

In this article, we will be listing the Top 5 Job Searching Platforms, which you should be looking at in 2020!  Try to make your resume on these websites strong enough so that you can land a job! 

#1 Job Search Platform: Linkedin


Started in 2003, Linkedin tops the list of Top 5 Job Searching Platforms.

It was mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.

The main idea behind starting LinkedIn was to build up a network of professional people. Evolving from that, at present LinkedIn has over 675 Million users & over 300 Active Million Users.

Over a period of time, Linkedin has evolved from just a job search website to professional social media, much like Facebook. 

Thousands of professional sharing & recruitment updates happen on Linkedin, & the chance of being noticed is as high as 43% of your profile is matching the Query!

The secret to finding quality jobs on Linkedin is being active on Linkedin, posting great content, can help you reach a lot of people, employers & potential companies too! 

#2 Job Search Platform: Indeed



Indeed, is also one of the oldest job search platform started in 2004, is an amazing platform for Talent seekers & job finders.

The main idea, behind Indeed, was to make a job listing directory engine, so that everyone who was looking for a job, can find the right one. Sticking to its initial idea, now indeed has grown to an MNC itself, catering to the needs of thousands of Job seekers & Employers.

With more than 60+ countries, Indeed has well over 250 Million monthly unique users, who thrive to find a better job at Indeed.

The Employer market has also been able to hunt down the right talent, using Indeed with over 100 million resumes uploaded on Indeed.

The secret to finding quality jobs on Indeed is being active & updating your resumes on Indeed, finding potential companies & looking up for new jobs in Indeed.

#3 Job Search Platform:


One of the oldest, job searching websites, 1999 through the merger of The Monster Board and Online Career Center. 

Majorly popular in the western countries, is now targeting developing nations too! 

Though many reports suggest that that is not performing well up to its mark, candidates have decent experience while using

Some parts of the earlier feature have now been shut, & if you are trying to find a job in the US, might work but in other countries, we suggest moving to other platforms.

#4 Job Search Platform:


Derived from the Indian word of ‘Job’, ie Naukri, it was founded in 1997. has its operations mainly in India & the Middle East. 

 It was a database of resume, jobs, and recruitment consultants. Later it was conceived as a platform of job seekers and hiring managers to meet, the services went commercial in October 1997.

As of Dec 2016, had a database of about 49.5 million registered job seekers and an average of about 15,000 resumes were added daily while about 130,000 resumes were modified daily. has one of the largest shares in its market in India, with many potential companies looking for candidates on

The secret to finding quality jobs on Naukri is being active & updating your resumes on Naukri, you can also use the paid packages so that you can see potential employers! 

#5 Job Search Platform: Glassdoor


Glassdoor founded in 2007, Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies.

Glassdoor also allows users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform.

The feature to rate & review companies anonymously has made glassdoor a high growth company in its market. 

The main operating regions of glassdoor include western countries & few developing nations like India, Sri-Lanka & Nepal.

Glassdoor is the right platform to know & get an adequate review of any company or firm.

Thus, these are the Top 5 Job Searching Platforms, on which you should be active if you are finding jobs, so as to find quality jobs, & make a professional network! 

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