SYNCS Hack 2020

SYNCS Hack 2020 is a virtual hackathon by Sydney University’s computing society. The Hackathon is organized virtually, due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

➥About SYNCS Hack

SYNCS Hack will challenge you, to design, build  & pitch your ideas under 40 hours.

Your idea can be anything from a website, app, or game, or something else which is completely different & should be unique.

By participating in this hackathon, you will gain insights into:

  • Industry Tech Leaders & Experts
  • Career fairs & Industry Tech Talks
  • Experience of working in a time-bound hackathon


University Students of any background can participate in this hackathon, but you should start from the beginning.

SYNCS Hack 2020 is a global event so that anyone can participate in this hackathon.


All the participating students, judges & mentors should follow the SYNCS Hack code of conduct. 

You should be organized with your team beforehand, however, if you fail to, you will be assigned a team from the organizers.

Participants have only 40 hours of think, design, build a working prototype of their idea.

You can create anything from websites, apps, games, or something completely new & unique.

NOTE: You cannot start developing before the hackathon starts, but you can bring the idea of your product.

Team Size: 1 – 6 Participants.


The following are the requirements for SYNCS Hack 2020, which should be followed while submitting your solution : 

Code: You are required to submit the code of your project, preferably using Github.

Description & Features: You are required to submit a well-versed description of your project & also the features, including the technical details of your project.

Reference to Open Source/3rd Party: If you have used any part of the open-source projects or any 3rd party application in the development, mention the reference to the same.

Roles of Each Participant: Mention the role of each participant clearly, & also indicate the work done by individual participants in your team.

➥Judging Criteria

All the submission will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Level of Innovation(5 Points): Is your idea original? How much creative is your solution?
  • Technical Complexity(5 Points): Is your idea difficult to implement? Technical application in your Idea
  • Elegance(5 Points): Is your user friendly, & does it satisfy the actual problem, is it robust & functional?
  • Practicality(5 Points): Is your idea useful in the practical world? Is it feasible to work on it?

➥Prizes & Rewards

The Prizes & Rewards are mentioned below : 

Grand Prize: $ 2500 AUD in Cash

Second Prize: $ 750 AUD in Cash

Third Prize: $ 500 AUD in Cash


The deadline to register for this hackathon is: 28 August 2020 2.30 PM IST

Submissions for the Hackathon will start on 28 August 2020 2.30 PM IST

Submissions for the Hackathon will end on 30 August 2020 6.30 AM ISTRegister Now

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