Snap Kit Developer Challenge 2020

The Snap kit Developer challenge 2020, is here! Snap kit is a part of Snapchat, which is a multimedia messaging app.

➥What is Snap kit?

Snap kit is a collection of developer tools made by Snapchat. It allows third-party apps, to connect with Snapchat’s audience.

With the integration with Snapchat, developers will be able to engage users & quickly grow their products all over the world.

➥About the Challenge

Snapchat invites applications, to build something useful, creative & great using at least one of the tools from Snapchat developer tools.

The challenge is searching for the best uses of Snap Kit in the following categories:

  • Best use of Dynamic Lenses: Snapchat’s engaging AR Lenses
  • Best use of Bitmoji: Using Bitmoji stickers as a form of identity & expression.
  • Best Design: A design that inspires all of us, gives us goosebumps!
  • Best use of Snap Kit: Effectively use all the Snap kit resources.
  • Innovation: Build something never thought of! 

➥Submission Requirements:

Video: A 2-3 minute video, showing your application’s features & functionality.

The video should include the walkthrough of the app, explaining the integration of tools from the Snapchat developer toolkit.

Link to the app integration, if it is published.

➥Judging Criteria:

  • Utility: How useful the submission is for Snapchatters? Do they want to use it?
  • Design UI/UX: Overall design & user experience.
  • Creativity: How innovative & creative is the solution?


  • Best use of Dynamic Lenses: $1,000
  • Best use of Bitmoji: $1,000
  • Best Design : $1,000
  • Best use of Snap Kit: $1,000
  • Innovation : $1,000

Promotion on a blog, on the official website of Snapchat, for all the categories.


Submission will begin at 5 August 2020.

The Deadline to apply for this competition is 05 October 2020.Register Now

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