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All of the content on our portal undergoes through many checks, which also includes the check for content copying or spamming. Also, the content is always in compliance with our TC.

We do allow content from our users & website visitors, and also from sponsors. However, it may happen sometimes, that a particular post may be copied, in bits, or as a whole, images might be copyrighted, or proper data sources might not be present, for which it may count in infringement or copyright violation. 

We never intentionally violate any norms or inflict infringement, or post copyrighted content on our website, but a slight chance of error may result in such a mishap. We apologize if this happens, & we remove the content upon investigation from our team.  

If you find, any content on our portal to be copyrighted, or in violation with any of norms & rules, you can fill the form below, to notify us about the same. Our team will review your request, and appropriate action will be taken in due time. We request you to provide all the details in the form below, for better identification for infringement case. If however, our team does not find any copyrighted content or infringement, the content will not be removed thereafter, so please fill ALL the details correctly. 

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