ProGeek Cup 2021 – A Project Competition By GeeksforGeeks

➥About ProGeek Cup 2021

ProGeek Cup 2021 is a project-based competition by GeeksforGeeks, designed to share innovative project ideas, where you can shape your innovation through the event!

ProGeek Cup is mainly designed for students to come up with some creative & innovative ideas & by sharing your ideas in ProGeek, you can give your ideas a jump-start.

In ProGeek Cup 2021, the format to submit your project idea is as follows:

  1. Article Format (Mandatory)
  2. Video Format (Optional)

➥Other Information

You’re required to submit your project idea in the article format using GeeksforGeeks ‘Write‘ portal.

Content that you need to mention to submit your project successfully:

  1. Project Title
  2. Introduction: Domain, Purpose or Objective of the Project, Features, What the Project does? etc.  
  3. Tools and Technologies Used in the Project
  4. Required Skillset to Build the Project
  5. A Step-by-Step Process to Implement the Project
  6. Output: Use Test Cases to Demonstrate the Output
  7. Make Use of Relevant diagrams like ER-diagram, UML diagrams, etc
  8. Project Application in Real-Life


  1. Team size can be of 1 to 4 students. Only students currently enrolled at a college/university are eligible.
  2. A Faculty Adviser can also be associated with the project.
  3. The ideas should be considerable and innovative. Meanwhile, the implementation of the project is Optional provided the idea is good, useful, or innovative.
  4. Prizes are listed based on per team (Not individually).
  5. Try to avoid the project ideas based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain domain. These domains are not being preferred for ProGeek Cup 2021.
  6. Any plagiarism detected in the article will disqualify the author.


I Prize: INR 10,000 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies + Certificate

II Prize: INR 5,000 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies + Certificate

III Prize: INR 3,000 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies + Certificate

4th – 5th Prize: INR 1,000 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies + Certificate

6th – 10th Prize: INR 500 Cash Prize + GFG Goodies

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