IIT-B : National Entrepreneurship Challenge(NEC)

National Entrepreneurship Challenge (NEC) was created by the vision of developing entrepreneurship throughout the nation, encouraging young minds to take up entrepreneurship.

The challenge is to instill entrepreneurship in each student, thus making it a unique competition in its own kind.

➥About NEC

NEC is a platform that helps colleges & universities across the nation to build an E-cell. The challenge is 6 Month-long challenge, where students are guided by mentors.

The students are assigned tasks, thus guiding them, into developing a smoothly running E-cell.


The colleges are basically divided into 2 categories:

1. Basic Track Intro – Sowing the Seeds of Entrepreneurship

Colleges, who do not have an active E-cell, come under this category. A community of entrepreneurship enthusiasts who want to set up an active E-cell from scratch should participate in this category.

A minimum of 3 members is required for participating as a team.

Guidelines : 

  • Minimum Team Size : 3 Members, Recommended: 15-20 Members
  • Last Years Top 10 Basic Teams are required to participate in Advance track this year.
  • Teams who took part in the Advance track are not allowed to participate in the Basic track.
  • Teams who did not end in the Top 10 Last year in basic track, can only participate this year if there is a change in 50% of the team.

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2. Advance Track Intro – Run your E-cell as a startup

Only, for those colleges who have an active E-cell, which is able to conduct events, workshops, & interactive sessions. Join this to take your E-cell to unimaginable heights.

Advance Track will help you scale up E-cell in your college & your reach of events, workshops, etc.

It will establish a strong community of entrepreneurs inside & outside your college.

Guidelines : 

  • Minimum Team Size : 3 Members, Recommended: 15-20 Members
  • All the tasks will be launched together.
  • Tasks will be grouped in 3 stages and there will be 2 bonus checkpoints before leaderboard 1 and 2 and in order to get bonus points, you will be required to score a certain number of points.
  • Top 10 Teams of Last Year in Advance Track can only participate this year if there is a change in 75% of the team.

Register Now➥Prizes & Rewards

  • Prizes worth Rs 4 Lakh INR & More.
  • Certifications from E-cell, IIT-Bombay
  • Mentorship from E-cell, IIT-Bombay
  • Free passes to Entrepreneurship summit 2021 at IIT-Bombay


The deadline to register for NEC is 04 September 2020

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