IIIT Lucknow : Eduthon 2020

The Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT) Lucknow has organized Eduthon 2020 – An Educational hackathon for coders.

➥About Eduthon 2020

The Eduthon 2020, is a hackathon inviting coders, designers, programmers to built innovative solutions, to encounter the real-world problem caused in the education sector due to the Corona Pandemic.

You are cordially invited to improve the currently existing problems in the education sector by using the power of programming, thus enabling learners across the nation to continue learning. 

This year marks the 1st edition of Eduthon 2020, & the hackathon will take place virtually.

➥Eduthon Themes

The Eduthon 2020 Themes are as follows : 

Examinations: All the examinations have been on-hold due to the COVID-19 crisis, some of the universities & colleges have taken the online examination, but it is not as efficient as the traditional ones.

How can we build an innovative solution to solve this problem of online examinations? 

Mobile-First Education: Since smartphones have become very common, can we use the power of technology to continue imparting education remotely?

Is there any way to build a sustainable system of such an education model?

Mental Health: With lockdown & pandemic, the mental health of students has been disturbed. Many students are facing the issue of mental health, due to lack of awareness.

How can you aware of more and more students to keep up their mental health? Is there technological solution for this?

Tools to support Home-schooling: The pandemic has forced us to stay inside our homes, how can parents, teachers & students use resources to continue learning from their homes?

We need solutions that are effective to use & much more efficient from an educational point of view.

Making Learning Visible: With the online learning across the nation, teachers often find it difficult to interpret the understanding of children, many times. How can a teacher monitor students, to see the growth & understanding of concepts?

We need to build integrated tools, that will help teachers to understand their students in a better way, thus making the learning visible.

Affect on Coaching/Tuitions: Coaching & Tuitions have also been hit by the pandemic, is there any better way for coaching or tuitions teachers to handle a large number of students easily?

Find Any Challenge in Education: Apart from the above-mentioned themes, if you can think of a problem related to education, which you think you can solve using your creativity & knowledge, you are free to apply for that. Take a step & solve it! 


  • 1st prize: Rs 15,000
  • 2nd prize: Rs 10,000
  • 3rd prize: Rs 5,000
  • Best All-Girls Team: Rs 3,500
  • Goodies worth up to Rs 10,000
  • Etherum Track Special Prize
  • Best AR/VR Application: $50 Amazon gift card, a feature in echoAR’s Newsletter

➥Other Details:

Anyone, who has a passion for coding, be it beginners to professionals, & who want to actively contribute to the society, can participate in the hackathon.

You can form a team comprising of various levels of members, & participate.

Dates: September 4 to 6 2020

Type: Virtually, Online

Contact Information: hack@iiitl.ac.inRegister Now

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