Hack with CW

Code warriors are going to bring an amazing hackathon called “Hack With CW” for all the software programmers, developers, designers, etc. to build and design something innovative and productive.

➥About Hack with CW

Hack with CW is a virtual, 36-hour long hackathon organized by Code Warriors. This is the first hackathon by Code Warriors.

ScholarsXP is a proud community partner for Hack with CW! 

If you have not participated in any hackathon then it’s a good time to start.

There are many things to learn during these two days and if you have any queries during the hackathon you can ask us. The best part is that this hackathon is free of cost so you all can apply.

The biggest prize is learning and experience but we are going to provide various perks to all of the participants of the hackathon.


Anyone who is interested can participate in this hackathon since it is open for all! 

You can either participate as a solo candidate, or

Team size:

  • 2 to 5 members

Please follow all the rules & abide by the Code of Conduct, for the hackathon.


There are basically 4 domains for this hackathon:

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • App Development
  • Web Development
  • AR/VR

You can also submit from Miscellaneous domains, but majorly the above 4 domains are preferred. 

➥Problem Statements

Problem statements are present here HackWithCW Problem Statements which are based on real-life scenarios.


A whole bunch of prizes is present, kindly visit here ‘Hack with CW Prizes’ to check the prizes.

➥Other Details

Date : Dec 19’2020 to Dec 20’2020
Time limit: 36 hours

Contact mail: hackwithcw@gmail.comRegister Now

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