Google Summer Internship 2021

Google India is offering the Google Summer Internship program for the year 2021. The Google Summer Internship is one of the most awaited internship programs, that every software developer wishes to do once in his career, so get ready all the software developers, the Google Summer internship 2021 program has started accepting applications.

➥About the Company

Google Inc, is an American Multinational Internet Company that specializes internet – related services & products. Google is one of the most reputed companies to work for.

Google Inc, mainly operates in online-advertising services, search-engine, software hardware & cloud computing.

➥Job Description

The Google Summer internship 2021 program is mainly for software developers, as a software developer intern, you will be working with the products & services of Google. As per the requirements, capabilities & experience, the interns will be working in majorly two domains : 

1.Engineering Productivity: Working with the Engineering Productivity team, you will be working with automated systems. Using your knowledge & skills in software analysis, design, and programming, you will create new automated test systems.

The testing team daily undertakes a range of challenges of building and designing intelligent systems, that can be used to explore various cases & scenarios for distributed computing infrastructure. If you would like to work in this domain, think of building a new automated system, that never been used before.

2.Product & System Development: Product & System development is responsible for finding a solution to complex technical issues, finding new & innovative ways to advance quality search, building network technologies & computing platforms, or automated indexing of the video, you will have the responsibility to find an efficient solution to these challenges.

Your role will be developed, research & enhance Google’s products offering & involve in scalability improvements involving huge amounts of data and information.

➥Required Qualification

  • Should be pursuing BS(B.Tech), MS, or Ph.D. in computer science or related fields.
  • Should have experience in working with one or more than one general programming languages
  • Should be able to speak & write English fluently.

➥Preferred Qualification

  • Experience in system Softwares & algorithms.
  • Should have effective implementation skills in C++/Java or Python.
  • Should be familiar with TCP/IP and network programming.
  • In-depth knowledge about Linux/Unix or Windows Environment & APIs.
  • Should return to the degree program after completion of the internship.

➥Location of Internship

The Internship is from office and the selected interns will have to work in any of the locations:

  • Banglore, Karnataka, India
  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India


The Deadline to apply for this program is: August 10, 2020Apply Now


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