Free Data Science Accelerator Program


Numyard has launched a Free Data Science Accelerator Program for beginners, who want to master data science using Python. 

The course will cover all the concepts needed to accelerate young individuals into data science. Apart from this, you can get this course all for FREE! 

➥Why Data Science

Growing exponentially at more than 25% every year, Data Science finds increasing use in more and more industries by the day, with exciting applications such as self-driving cars, intelligent automation, and dynamic business decision.

➥Course Content

The course is beautifully designed, especially for beginners, & will cover basics as well as advanced use cases in the field of Data Science.

  • Core ML Algorithm Concepts
  • Mathematics of Models
  • Intuition of Models
  • Real Applications
  • Cracking Interviews Smartly

Apart from this, you will also be guided in making projects, that will not only enhance your skills but will help your resume stand out from the crowd! 


The pre-requisites to enroll in this course are :

  • Basics of Python
  • Basics of High School Mathematics 

Yes, that all you need! Everything else, will be taken care of by Numyard!

➥Target Audience

  • Data Science Beginners
  • Data Science Job Aspirants
  • Data Science Internship Aspirants

➥Get For Free Here! 

The cost for this program is $28, but we will be giving coupons (100% off), with no conditions! 

You can check the course here

If you want to get the FREE Coupon, kindly click below : Get Free Coupon

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