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Coursera, one the largest learning platform that offers massive online courses, specializations & degrees, is giving away some of its courses & specialization to university students for free, due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Many online learning platforms have offered their courses, considering the situation. 

In this article, we will go through the complete step by step process, on how to avail 100% Free Coursera Courses, and how to register in this program & also answering some of the most common questions.

How does it benefit you?

If you are a university student, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Since many of the courses on Coursera are paid & one has to work hard to obtain the certificate. Also, considering the situation, colleges and universities around the globe are shut, thus impacting the learning of students. Coursera certificates are highly valuable and getting free Coursera courses in such times, can be a boon for university and school students. 

As a social cause, many online learning platforms have come forward to offer free courses so that students can utilize their time in a better way. Many students have already enrolled themselves in these free Coursera courses and are taking huge advantage of this.

Which type of free Coursera courses is being offered?

Over 3,800+ Courses, Guided Projects, Specializations, or Professional Certificates are being provided free of cost to college & university students. Major categories of courses include : 

  • Programming
  • Data Science & Big Data
  • Business Skills
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning
  • Engineering & Physical Sciences
  • Deep Learning
  • Economics & Careers skills


Every course has a well defined structured timeline. If you enroll, you will be given deadlines, although, in some courses, you can change the deadline, in most cases stick with the deadline. After completing the particular courses & submitting the required assignments and quizzes, if you manage to score above the passing marks, you will be awarded the certificate.

The certificate can be used to testify your skills in that particular domain. Also, some specialization courses, require additional time and project input. If you manage to earn the specialization it can improve your chances of getting a job or improving your career skills. You can share this certificate on Linkedin and also embed it into your resume.

➥Course Duration

Every course has a particular duration defined by the course instructor. Many courses have a flexible schedule, you can adjust the deadline and amount of hours per week. Although, it is advisable to stick with the course deadline, rather than altering it.

➥Course Content

The courses are in the form of recorded videos. However, throughout the course, you get reading materials. You can also share your opinions/ doubts with your classmates in the discussion section of the course. The instructors are always ready to help you with your doubts.

Enrolling Yourself

Step 1: Visit “Coursera for Students”

Coursera free Courses

➥ Step 2: Enter your University/school Email.


Coursera free Courses

➥ Step 3: You will receive a confirmation mail from Coursera.

Coursera free Courses

➥ Step 4: Confirm Your Email, access the Coursera Dashboard.

Coursera free Courses

After you confirm your email, you will be directed to the Coursera dashboard & from there you can enroll in any course you like.


This offer from Coursera is only limited to 30th September 2020, thus you need to enroll yourself before 30/09/2020.

This is a golden opportunity for all the students, and thus we wish that all of you get enrolled in the courses as per your choices. This will not only help to improve your skills but also improve your chances of getting the job after this pandemic. Thus, this is one of the best use of your free time, learn now as much as you can! Happy Learning! 

Before you enroll in any course, know the Top skills in 2020, or Highest Paying Professions, it will help you to choose the right course.

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