Free 11 Week Workshop On DSA GFG

GeeksforGeeks have launched a Free 11 Week Workshop On DSA.

This will be a course oriented workshop mainly focussed on DSA to enhance students in DSA & that too for free! You cannot miss such an offer from GeeksforGeeks! 

➥Course Overview

As you all may know, GeeksforGeeks is a premier online portal that prides itself on making students master the concepts of DSA.

This course is an 11-week workshop that will take you through all the common Data Structures like Arrays, Trees, Graphs, LinkedList, and many such concepts in a highly interactive manner.

As these are live sessions, every week you will be interacting with the top industry expert where you will learn how they implement DSA in real-life scenarios.

Not just this, but you will also be able to understand all the concepts of DSA in-depth. In addition, weekly Q/A sessions will be conducted to resolve your queries and discuss questions asked most frequently in interviews of product-based companies.

Dream companies like F.A.A.N.G look for candidates who have a full understanding of DSA. Don’t miss out on an opportunity as free and amazing as this!

➥Course Content

The Free 11 Week Workshop On DSA will be of around 2 hrs of class in the evening on Tuesday & Thrusday.

Introduction : 

  • 19th Nov: Intro to DSA – Why DSA Important / Types of Structures/Terminology

Week 1 : 

  • 25th Nov: Basic Maths + Practise Questions + Q/A
  • 26th Nov:  Array Introduction and Operations

Week 2 : 

  • 2nd Dec: Array Practise Questions + Q/A
  • 3rd Dec: Sorting Algorithms + Practise Questions

Week 3 : 

  • 9th Dec: Matrix/Strings + Practise Questions + Q/A
  • 10th Dec: Basic Bit Manipulation + Practise Questions

Week 4 : 

  • 16th Dec: Hashing + Practise Questions + Q/A
  • 17th Dec: Linked List Introduction and Operations

Week 5 : 

  • 23rd Dec: Linked List Practise Questions + Q/A
  • 24th Dec: Stack Introduction and Operations

Week 6 : 

  • 30th Dec: Stack Practise Questions + Q/A

Week 7 : 

  • 6th Jan: Queue Introduction and Operations
  • 7th Jan: Queue Practise Questions + Q/A

Week 8 : 

  • 13th Jan: Tree Introduction and Operations
  • 14th Jan: Tree Practise Questions + Q/A

Week 9 : 

  • 20th Jan: Heap/Graph Introduction and Operations
  • 21st Jan: Heap/Graph Practise Questions + Q/A

Week 10 : 

  • 27th Jan: Greedy Algorithm Introduction and Implementation
  • 28th Jan: Greedy Algorithm Practise Questions + Q/A

Week 11 : 

  • 3rd Feb: BackTracking/Dynamic Programming Introduction and Implementation
  • 4th Feb: BackTracking/Dynamic Programming Practise Questions + Q/A

➥Course Features

  • Mastering Data Structures and Algorithms like never before
  • Weekly Q/A sessions 
  • Regular assignments and practice problems
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Entirely free of cost 🙂

➥Invitation Code 

Invitation code is a must, without it, you won’t be able to register in this Free 11 Week Workshop On DSA! But don’t worry we have your back!

Use the code GFGXP9V4C, & register yourself in this amazing workshop by GeeksforGeeks!

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