FAQs – ScholarsXP

⮞ What is ScholarsXP?

ScholarsXP is an All-in-one Portal for Students, Graduates & Working Professionals! We thrive to provide the best content in the field of Education, Scholarships, Competitions, Careers, Exams & Skills related content.

⮞ Aim of ScholarsXP?

We at ScholarsXP, believe that sharing education & knowledge is the only thing that can empower all of us. With this as our aim, we set our levels higher & work harder to provide quality content in the field of Education, Careers, Internships, Scholarships & Skills.

Our main aim is to provide everyone with quality rich content, to empower them.

⮞ What is Let’s Write Together?

We at ScholarsXP believe that everyone should have the right to express & share their views, information and anything that can benefit others, we will be more than happy to publish it on our portal, so that the whole community benefits.

With the same motive, we have introduced “Let’s Write Together”, where our website visitors can submit content to us, that will be published on our portal. The content should comply with our TC.

⮞ How can I contact ScholarsXP?

You can contact us here: Contact ScholarsXP

⮞ Can I Submit My Content to ScholarsXP?

Yes, you can submit your content on your website, & we will be more than happy to publish it on our portal. You can visit “Let’s Write Together”, to know more. Please note that your content should comply with our TC and content policy

Which Type of Content Gets Featured on ScholarsXP?

Since, ScholarsXP is an educational portal for Students, Graduates & Professionals, content which can add value to our community gets featured on our portal. Some of the categories include :

  • Skills
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Competitions
  • Hackathons
  • Workshops
  • Essentials
  • Jobs
  • Exams
  • Free Courses

⮞How to get regular updates from ScholarsXP?

We regularly post Quality-rich content, which is always worth your time, on our portal & highly recommends you to ‘Subscribe’ to our Newsletter.
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We do not spam! Don’t Worry

⮞What are Sponsors Posts?

Posts from other Agencies, Startups, Individuals or Companies, that sponsor for their content to be listed on our portal or are a part of another organization/company, come under the category of ‘Sponsors Posts’. They are equally valuable as other posts & are always worth reading, & they comply with our TC.

⮞Does ScholarsXP charge anything from its users?

ScholarsXP does not charge any amount from their website viewers & users. We want all of us to grow as an intellectual community. All we need is your support for our portal, all other expenses will get covered.