Facebook Messaging Hackathon 2020

Facebook Inc, has started accepting applications for one of the most awaited hackathon of the year, ‘The Facebook Messaging Hackathon 2020’.

The hackathon is intended to improve the Facebook Messenger & associated user experiences. 

➥About the Company

Facebook Inc, is an American social media corporation, & a very famous household name. The company was started in 2004. and since then the company has expanded exponentially.

➥Facebook Messaging Hackathon

Facebook is inviting applicants to improve the Facebook Messenger experience, that uses at least one of the following features : 

1.Handover Protocol: The Handover protocol two or more Facebook apps to participate in a conversation, passing the control of the conversation to one another. This feature is used to enrich the user messenger experience.

For example, this protocol makes a page possible to use of Facebook’s apps to build a bot for handling the automated response, and another app to service the live user. Know More.

2.One-time Notifications: The beta ‘One-time Notification API’ allows pages to request users to send a follow-up message after the message window is closed for 24 hours.

The user will be asked to receive future updates, & if the user agrees, the page receives a token(permission) to message the user further. Know More.

3.Private Replies: It allows businesses to reply to post comments & answer the visitors on their pages, with a single message on the messenger.

When this feature is used, the user will get the reference link to which the reply is addressed. Know More

4.Quick Replies: This feature allows the users to quickly answer some of the common questions, like address, phone, email, which are already saved in Facebook. 

Using this feature, the user will not have to type common messages, rather the user can choose from options to answer the text. Know More

5.Extension SDK: The SDK gives the developer an ability to integrate experiences in the Webview with the Messenger experience, by adding the functionality to fully access the Webview.

➥Judging Criteria

The submitted material will be judged upon 4 major criteria : 

  • Ease of Implementation
  • Quality of the Idea
  • Potential of the Idea
  • Ease of Customization & Integration

➥Team Members

You can participate in a team of 1-4 members.


The things required to submit are : 

Demo Video: The participants are required to submit a 2 min video (English Language) to show the step by step visual demo of the working application. Make sure to explain how Facebook’s products used can enhance the user experience.

Submit the video on any platform: Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, or Youku.

Access: You also need to give access to use the chatbot. This is very much important for judges to check the working of your app.

Before you submit the form, please make sure, all the fields are correctly filled, and should be submitted before the deadline.

You can download the rules from here: Download Rules


Winner: $ 3,000 + Other Benefits (At least one 30-minute virtual meeting with a Facebook engineer; Oculus Quest 64GB VR headset)

1st Runner Up: $2,500

2nd Runner Up: $1,500


The Deadline to apply for this program is: 07 September 2020Register Now

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