Crio Winter of Doing 2021

Crio Winter of Doing is a one-of-a-kind program focussed onbringing together budding engineering talent to work on challenging projects for the most exciting startups in the country.

Crio Winter of Doing is India’s largest tech externship program for developers

This program is completely online (remote) and part-time. 

➥About Winter of Doing

Crio Winter of Doing is a flagship program from Crio, helping budding developers, learn and find the best opportunity to work with India’s Top tech Startup companies.

Crio Winter of Doing is perfect for working professionals who are looking to gain stellar product development and tech project building experience.

All participants will be trained in Stage 1 and Stage 2 and those who qualify both the stages will be eligible to obtain an externship at one of the companies:


➥Tech Externships

Tech externships are experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships, but shorter and part-time, provided in partnership with tech companies.

Crio Winter of Doing externships are a great opportunity for you to solve real-world problems in an actual tech startup setting, and learn key skills that will help you advance your dev career.

➥Why Winter of Doing

Selected developers will get an opportunity to work directly with AWS, GROWW, SLICE, CRED, JUMBOTAIL, RECKO, VICARA on anyone project from exciting tech startups.

You will hands-on gain experience in working with real-world projects, and also learn new technologies with Crio’s Modules in Stage 1 and Stage 2.

  • Work on challenging tech projects (externships) from exciting startups
  • Interact with the biggest names in India’s tech industry
  • Participate in engaging Masterclass sessions from top engineers in the country
  • Get discovered by Crio’s hiring partners


This program is best suited for working professionals and student developers in their final year or pre-final year of engineering.

Although there is no limitation of your background, basic knowledge about programming and development will be good to start with. 


  • The program starts on 9th January 2021
  • The program is split into 3 stages, Warm-up (1 week), Preparation (2 weeks), and Externships (Company Projects) (6 weeks)
  • Based on your performance in each stage, you will qualify for the next stage
  • You will have to spend around 10 hours each week


The deadline to apply for this program is 8th January 2021.Register Now

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