Content Policy For ScholarsXP

Below are the guidelines that outline the requirements for users to submit the content

User-Submitted Content

We at ScholarsXP allow our website visitors to submit their content so that it can be featured on our portal & others can also benefit from it. Before publishing any user-submitted content on our portal, it gets through a lot of checks, which include :

  • Spam Content / Copyrighted Content
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Plagiarism Checks
  • Linking to other sources
  • Affiliate Linking 
  • Marketing Content
  • Hate speech or symbols
  • Improper conduct of Language/Abusive Language

If any of the above conditions are violated, the content is not published on the portal, we strictly keep the level of the content, that is published.

If you submit any content on our portal, it is your duty to :

  1. Check the authenticity of the content.
  2. Not to mislead our community through spamming/improper information. 
  3. Check for grammatical errors, and rectify it.
  4. Give proper attribution to sources if any information/images/ are used from the internet.
  5. To submit your original content, & check for plagiarism before submitting
  6. You can include backlinks only to your blog or website.
  7. No Affiliate Links to be used in the content.
  8. No Marketing related content to be submitted.
  9. To keep the language of your content in English.
  10. Do not include hate speech/symbols or sexual content/adult content.
  11. Any content that can help us as a community to grow.
  12. You can submit any educational information, which is not present on our portal.

Content Ownership

Please note that if you submit your content to our portal, ScholarsXP is the rightful owner of the content, and you cannot use the same content elsewhere.

If your content is already published on some other portal, do not give the same content, else it would not be published on our portal.

If however, any user-submitted content comes under infringement, or copyright, or any other violation, ScholarsXP is not responsible. We highly appreciate posts from our users, also encourage new bloggers to use our portal to start their journey.

ScholarsXP is the rightful owner of all the content that is published on our portal, and if some of our content is copied to some other websites, blogs or portals, we have the right to appeal to remove the content immediately.

ScholarsXP values, its users, and visitors, the content submitted by users are also protected from spamming and copying. The owner of the post is always attributed and is given credit for the quality-rich information.

Content Moderation

Content on our portal is undergone from a lot of checks before it gets published. Our team personally checks for the content that is submitted on our portal. There is a very little chance of our content being spammy, or misleading or copyrighted. If however, you still feel that some of our content should be removed, or violates any norms, you can visit our Report Infringement Section, & report your concern. Our team will review your request, and action will be taken in due time.