Code Warriors : 21 Days of Coding

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Organizer Code Warriors
Challenge Type Online
Programming Language Any of your choice
Date 1st August 2020
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Code Warriors is organizing an online challenge for fellow/coders learners. 21 Days are an ideal time to develop, any new skill.

In the wake of COVID-19, utilizing your time to improve your skills or develop a new one! With the 21 Days coding challenge, you will form a habit to code, and it’s never late to start a new habit.

Challenge: Starting 1st August, motivate yourself to complete at least one lesson or learn new programming concepts for at least 21 minutes every day for the next 21 days! Certificate on successful completion of the 21-day coding challenge! 

This challenge is more of like a motivation to start coding, for new learners, thus instilling in you the habit of coding. In our opinion, this is a perfect way to learn something new, start coding & build something innovative. If you already a developer, you might take up a new language, & learn it! 

Learning a new programming language is always fruitful in your development career, as it gives you a new dimension of thinking!

So Gear Up! Get Ready to participate in the 21 days of coding challenge with Code Warriors, and learn something new & better! 


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