Code Warriors 30 Days of Flutter

Code Warriors are back with another challenging event 30 Days Of Flutter. 

Flutter has been at the top of the trends & is one of the most famous emerging frameworks in mobile & web development.

We are thoroughly excited since Code Warrior’s events are insightful as well as very exciting to attend!

➥About the Event

The duration of this event is 30 days, which will start on 1’Oct 2020.

You will get day wise topics with the video description and other resources to learn more on the topics.

➥What You’ll Learn

Some of the concepts that you will learn during the event are :

1. Core Concept of Dart
2. Core Concept of Flutter
3. Basic ideas of widgets
4. App implemented through widgets
5. Firebase Database
6. App with database implementation


All the eligible participants will : 

  • Get 1-year free .xyz domain
  • A 6 months Voiceflow premium accounts
  • Verified Certificates from Code Warriors

Challenge Rules : 

1. Accept the challenge by registering yourself below.
2. Follow us on Linkedin to showcase your progress —
3. We will daily put a post on the Code Warriors LinkedIn page where you have to comment on the summary of the day to be eligible for the certificate and other benefits.
4. After registration mark your presence here:-

Feel free to ask any query to us we are happy to help you: Now

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