Cisco : Data Engineer

Cisco is hiring interns for the role of Data Engineer, at Banglore, India. 

➥About Cisco

Cisco is an American multinational company, which manufactures & sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications, equipment & other high technology services & products.

Cisco offers services majorly in the IT sector, & is also regarded as one of the world’s best places to work.

➥Job Description

  • Build Overseas systems & platforms to manage & store data from internal & external sources, by taking it from different structures.
  • Develop tools & services, to facilitate data integration, data transformation/cleaning, analytics & deployment of Machine learning & AI models.
  • Establish structures for the flow of the data using available resources, based on business & technical requirements & to channel it from multiple inputs & routes.
  • Network with senior executives, participate in professional development activities, & socialize with the global tech community.

➥Eligibility & Requirements

  • Should be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science or IT field.
  • CGPA: 8.0/10.0 (or above)
  • Should be passing out in either 2021 or 2022.
  • Excellent Communication & Inter-personal skills
  • Should be able to work efficiently in a team.
  • Comfortable in problem-solving & working in a fast-paced & multi-dimensional environment.
  • Proficient in software development with major focus on data/data systems (Java, C/C++), databases & development technologies.
  • Solid Knowledge about Data pipelining, data integration, data warehouses, & databases.


The deadline to apply for this internship is: 19 August 2020Apply Now

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