Beginners Guide : Web development for web lovers!

The web is everywhere; from catering to your minutest needs, to changing the landscapes of multiple arenas.

Building and enhancing these websites is something that requires both your interest and creativity.

If you a person with creativity and design or if you are someone who has a flare for crafting our beautiful digital designs; then this article is for you!

Why Web Development?

Because creativity is at its best when one designs the wireframe of a website; coordinating colors, choosing templates, positioning the icons, using multiple effects to showcase your skills on the navigation bar, and lots more.

But is web development restricted to being a designer solely? No, that’s not the case.

A web developer is someone who brings the ideal template sketched on paper to life with his/her knowledge, skills, understanding, and creativity!

If you are an enthusiastic programmer, or a graphic designer, new language learner, or even a layman admirer of the web technology; head out and nail the platform!

In a world where people are getting swayed by buzz words like Data Science and Machine Learning, they are forgetting the actual concepts of development. There’s no point of a model if you can’t integrate it at a production level.

So, if you are someone with a strong skill set at the production or the development level; I would encourage you to try this technology for once!

Categorizing Web Developers

The developers in this field get categorized into three main categories namely;

Front-end developer: One who represents the data in amazing visuals and designs. If you are someone who likes to work at the forefront with illustrations and graphical representations; this is your arena!

Back-end developer: One who takes care of all the actions using programming languages. If you are someone who likes working backstage, managing the workflow, and developing the channels; this field is for you!

Full-stack developer: One who can develop all layers of the web application. This is someone who can manage all aspects of a website; right from designing to linking the actions!

Tips and Tricks

1.There are multiple resources to learn from like Udemy, Coursera, khan academy, freecodecamp, sololearn, etc. But personally, don’t try to dig out the paid courses for the unpaid ones are equally knowledgeable.

2.Practice! Practice! Practice! Take coding challenges, participate in competitions, and showcase your learnings whenever possible.

3.Take up a remote internship while learning and try to implement them. You learn better when you actually apply those learning practically.

4.If you don’t want to take up an internship, take up some projects; of family and friends, or even build your own portfolio. The purpose remains the same- Learn while you practice.

5.Never rely on your certificates of theoretical knowledge; for experience is what makes you better at your job!

6.Lastly write blogs, either as articles on the learned languages or pen down your learning experience. This will serve two purposes: one, it will help you understand those learnings better, and second, it might come handy for other beginners.

Always remember that having the knowledge is not a big deal; but having the experience of implementing your knowledge is what makes you unique!

Happy Coding 🙂

-Contributed by Kanika Gupta, ScholarsXP always values your content!

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