AWS ML Hackathon 2020 Free Participation

Quick Facts: 

Start Date (for registration)13 July 2020
End Date (for registration)31 August 2020
OrganizerAWS in-association with Machine Hack
DifficultyAnyone interested in ML can participate. 3 Levels of Difficulty.
PrizesINR 12,000 – 20,000 Amazon Vouchers

About The AWS ML Hackathon

Amazon Web Services(AWS) in association with Machine Hack have brought an open AWS ML hackathon community. The hackathon is mainly aimed at solving the chosen problem in the field of machine learning using any of the AWS services. The ability to pick any problem of our own choice makes this hackathon unique. Moreover, the hackathon comprises of three-levels, the submitted solutions will be judged into : 

Low Level – For Beginners

Medium Level – For Moderate 

High Level – For Experienced Professionals

Winners from all the three levels will get prizes. 

Aim: To create out-of-the-box intelligent industry-level solutions using ML and exploring the wide range of AWS services.

AWS ML hackathon

➥Participate, It’s Free!

Participation in the AWS ML hackathon is completely free. Also, you will get to showcase your Machine Learning skills using some of the advanced AWS services for free. You can choose your problem statement from the pool of problems, and work on it. You will be able to create industry-level solutions using AWS services for free.

This is a great opportunity for ML enthusiasts, as you can have free hands-on experience with AWS ML services, which are considered one of the best in the industry.

➥Popular AWS services

All the participants can use the plug-in pre-built AI functionally by AWS, without any hustle for creating new models. You can also use some of the AWS API such as:

Amazon ComprehendNatural Language Processing
Amazon TranscribeConverting Speech to Text 
Amazon PollyConverting Text to Life-Like Speech
Amazon LexBuilding Conversational Bots
Amazon Translate Neural Machine Translation
Amazon Rekognition Video and Image Recognition


Use Amazon SageMaker, to build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly. Amazon SageMaker makes it easy to develop high-quality ML learning models, removing all the unwanted and complicated tasks.

Use Amazon Kendra, to use enterprise search services that are powered by Machine Learning.

Use on the most popular service, AWS Lambda, using Lambda you can run the code and business logic for your application. Using Lambda in-conjugation with AWS services enables a very light server-less architecture, meaning you can focus on creating the application rather than managing servers. 

AWS has been on the top for more than a decade in cloud-computing and intelligent solutions. Working with AWS in this hackathon will give you an industry level exposure to the problems and services used to solve. Every ML developer should work on these services since it is being offered for free as a part of this hackathon.

AWS ML Hackathon Rules

➥Generic Rules 

  • One account per participant/team. Submissions from multiple accounts will lead to disqualification.
  • The submission limit for the hackathon is 1 per day after which the submissions will not be accepted.
  • All registered participants are eligible to compete in the hackathon.
  • We ask that you respect the spirit of the competition and do not cheat.
  • The use of any external dataset is prohibited and doing so will lead to disqualification.

➥Specific Rules

  • AWS Credits: $20 for each team
  • A maximum of 150 teams will be provided with $20 AWS credits each
  • After 150 teams, each team member will have to use the free $100 AWS credits provided with a free tier.
  • Team Capacity: 1-4 participants
  • Prerequisite: This Hackathon is only for Working Professionals.
  • Submission: The last date of submission is 20th August 2020

➥Competition Themes

The Participants are expected to choose from the below themes, however, they are not restricted to mix another theme, 

  • Machine Learning for DevOps
  • AI with IoT and edge computing
  • Machine Learning for Automation
  • Machine Learning for Medicine and Health Care
  • Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Machine Learning to fight against any pandemic, like COVID
  • AI for Transportation/Media & Entertainment/e-Commerce/FinTech

You can Learn one of these on Coursera for Free: Know How!

➥Judging Criteria

The winners of the hackathon will be announced once the hackathon is completed. The Judging criteria are as follows : 

Innovativeness(30%) – Original & Creative

Business potential(30%) – Economical, as well as satisfy the problem.

Integration of AWS services(40%) – Use of AWS services in your application.


The winners will be classified into 3 groups based on the solution submission, this is done so that beginners would also cope up with the experienced ML professionals.

Level 1 (Low) – Amazon Vouchers worth INR 12,000

Level 2 (Medium) – Amazon Vouchers worth INR 16,000

Level 3 (High) – Amazon Vouchers worth INR 20,000

➥How to Participate?

Anyone interested to participate in the AWS ML Hackathon can visit: Register for Hackathon

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