AWS Deep Racer – 1st Intelligent Miniature Car

Well, many of us love racing cars, or to make such racing cars. But did you know that with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence we can make a racing car and that too for free! Yes, it’s free! 

AWS Deep Racer is one such opportunity for all the machine learning enthusiasts, to make an intelligent miniature car.  It is open to all and provides us with an amazing opportunity to make our racing cars using machine learning, reinforcement learning, and artificial intelligence.

➥ What is AWS Deep Racer?

AWS Deep Racer is an autonomous 1/18th scale race car designed to test RL models by racing on a physical track. Using cameras and cloud-based control on the car for steering and throttle, it provides a well-trained simulated environment that can be transferred to the real world. It is a miniature remote-controlled car that developers can configure with custom autonomous driving models.

It is completely based on reinforcement learning, which is an upcoming technology in the field of machine learning and computing. Reinforcement learning is an advanced machine learning technique that takes a very different approach to train models than other machine learning methods.

You can also, participate in leagues and competitions organized by Amazon, which are both online and offline (At certain locations). Once you are done with your modeling, you can submit a trained reinforcement learning model to check how efficient their model is against competitors in the virtual leader board.

AWS Seep Racer
(representational model AWS Deep Racer)

How does AWS Deep Racer work?

Deep racer is a small race car that is designed to race on live physical tracks. The technologies which are used in Deep racer are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and reinforcement learning, which is advanced machine learning. These technologies and given components combine to form a physical car as shown:

AWS Deep Racer

What role you have?

The primary objective of AWS Deep Racer is to have hands-on experience in making miniature cars which are enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. AWS strives to push the boundaries of machine learning to every individual who is interested to work in this field.

First and foremost is to learn the technologies required. After that, using the components provided by amazon and the technologies learned, a miniature car has to be created as shown above. The Deep Racer car comprises of very basic components, which we use in our day to day life.

Then, you will evaluate the performance of your car and try to enhance its performance by training, all the while tuning parameters and its operations of the reinforcement learning model, which is advanced machine learning.

By using several reinforcement learning techniques, you will have to improve on the lap timing of your car. Further, you can also submit your model that delivered the best time to the leader board. To keep decreasing your lap time, you need to train your vehicle repeatedly by manipulating parameters.

Training your car will require extensive knowledge about the fundamentals and the car’s operation. Initially, you are given only the free tier which includes only a few hours, so only a limited improvement can be done. To significantly improve the parameters, a piece of prior knowledge about the technologies is required, as it will reduce the time wasted in experimenting and testing.

Looking forward to AWS Deep racer?

Some of the most common technologies that you will have to learn are:

‣Python or any Object-oriented language: Python is preferred as it is easier to work on machine learning and artificial intelligence with python.

You can learn Python for free from Coursera: Know How!

‣Machine Learning: Machine learning is the latest trend of this new decade 2020, and soon it will be as common as the internet. To build this car model, you will have to learn machine learning. Having a good knowledge of machine learning will make you in a good position to learn reinforcement learning, which is advanced machine learning.

Did You Machine Learning is one of the highest paying skill in 2020: See How!

‣Artificial Intelligence: One of the hottest trends of 2020 and coming years, artificial intelligence combined with machine learning can make things work so easier and in a better way. The Deep Racer essentially needs artificial intelligence, as it is a part of this core, using artificial intelligence, the car can navigate on roads and could also change its direction and speed if any obstacle is detected.

Is AWS Deep Racer free or paid?

The AWS – Deep racer is completely free for those who want to learn it and implement the model in a 3D cloud-based system. Amazon provides the first 7 hours of tutorial completely free, in which you will be taught from basics to the advanced stage of compiling and building your miniature racer car.

This is enough to train your first model, evaluate it, tune it, and then enter it into the AWS Deep Racer League. At the end of the first month, many tokens and credits will be given by Amazon, if you complete the training.

Apart from it, if you have used your free trial, then Amazon will charge you for the usage of its services which is very minimal and based on your requirement. If you want to work upon the actual miniature car, some initial payment has to be given to Amazon, as they will provide you with the complete car model with all the necessary instruments and documents. But if you wish to work on the cloud-based 3-D model, it is free.

Are there any competitions/leagues?

Yes, around the year, many competitions and leagues are organized by AWS which might be virtual, as well as on real tracks (on some selected locations), where you can participate and compete with other enthusiasts from around the globe.

➥AWS Deep Racer Specifications



AWS is making great progress in cloud computing, thus staying updated on the platforms will only be another feather in the cap of professionals. Getting started with Deep Racer, it will enable you to familiarise yourself with the AWS platform, while also using some of the services for free.

While you will build, train, and race, exploring the platform it will enhance your understanding of how AWS handles various processes. AWS Deep Racer is one of the best ways to learn reinforcement learning while getting hands-on experience.

The whole content of the AWS Deep Racer is managed by Amazon Sage MakerAWS Robot MakerAmazon S3Amazon CloudWatch, and more. Thus, one can also learn these technologies as well and can get hands-on experience with all of them. Learning and working on these technologies will not only make your understanding better, but it will also help you to gain an opportunity to work with AWS.

For More Information and to participate, you can visit: AWS – Deep Racer

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