AWS Certified Global Challenge 2020

AWS Certified Global Challenge is an online global challenge launched by Amazon, to let you embrace new skills in the field of cloud computing.

➥AWS Certified Global Challenge

Take the challenge to follow a recommended preparation path to earn AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

All recommended training is free, including our new interactive Twitch series, AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner.

Moreover, by taking this challenge, you will be able to complete the certification in a much faster way, than traditional courses.

➥Why AWS Certification?

Embrace new skills, show your potential, and plan a career trajectory. With an industry-recognized credential from AWS, you can highlight your cloud fluency.

Earning the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification validates you to understand how cloud impacts your business, core AWS services, billing and pricing models, and security concepts.

You’ll get a digital badge for your resume and social profiles to help you showcase your achievement.

➥Why take this Challenge?

Achieve your goal with participants around the globe and with support from AWS Training and Certification.

You’ll get free recommended training, a free practice exam, suggested resources, Q&A opportunities, and encouragement along the way.

By validating your cloud fluency before attending AWS re:Invent 2020, you can be confident you’re ready to learn from AWS experts, find out what’s new, and engage with the AWS community in the biggest AWS event of the year.

➥Cost of Certification

 There is no cost to register or participate in the training and preparation sessions for the Get AWS Certified Global Challenge.

All participants are eligible for a free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exam.

To earn the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, participants must take and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, which costs 100 USD.


Any person that registers for the Get AWS Certified Global Challenge between October 1 – December 31, 2020, will be eligible to participate in the training sessions and webinars.Register Now

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