AWS Alexa : Skill Challenge 2020

Quick Facts

Organization Amazon AWS [Alexa]
Mode Online Competiton
Region Global
Team Size 1 – 10 Members
Deadline 15 September 2020

➥ About Amazon AWS Alexa

Amazon Alexa or AWS Alexa is an AI virtual assistant, developed by Amazon and was released in 2014. Over the years, AWS Alexa has been modified, to adapt humans and work more naturally.

Amazon Conversations, which is a beta program, allows developers to create new skills for Alexa, which is then tested and can be used by Alexa’s customers. There are many ways, you can engage with Alexa & develop a new skill for it.

The main aim of the Alexa Conversation Program is to help consumers interact with Alexa in a much more natural & simpler way with much fewer development efforts.

➥ Requirments 

The Major 3 Requirements for this challenge  are listed below : 

Main Requirement: Skills developed must be submitted to US Alexa Skills Store & should support English for the skills to be eligible.

You can either build a new skill or update one from the US Alexa Skills Store that integrates the Alexa Conversations Dialog Manager.

Developers participating globally can submit their skills for certification in the en_US locale. 

Certification: The skills are required to be submitted before 14 September 2020 & should pass certifications by 30 September 2020.

Submission should include a proper description & working of the skills, including instructions for Judges to operate.

Submission Package: The developers are required to submit the following with the skills : 

  • A Skill Description
  • Video Demo
  • Instruction to Operate
  • Any Relevant Information for operation

➥Judging Criteria

The Judging criteria are briefly divided into 4 categories : 

Potential Impact of the Idea: How much impact does the skill have, how much useable & customizable with other APIs, options to integrate with other features, etc

Quality of the Idea: Uniqueness, creativity, ingenuity, and the approach of the skill using Amazon Conversations, etc

Quality of the User Experience: How is the overall performance of the skill is, does it satisfy the problem, how easy it is to use the skill, etc

Quality of Submission: Includes the quality of submission package (video, description, instructions, etc)


  • The Competition is open to all the developers globally, who wish to participate.
  • The Team Members must be 18 years or older.

➥Rewards & Prizes

Prizes & Rewards


The deadline to apply for this program is: 15 September 2020


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