Atmanirbhar India Innovation Challenge 2020

The Atmanirbhar India Innovation Challenge 2020, motivated by the vision of Independent India, this innovation challenge aims to innovate products, which make India as a country less dependent on others.

Atmanirbhar India Innovation Challenge 2020

The Atmanirbhar India Innovation challenge 2020, is being promoted with the vision to make India independent of foreign exports so that we can use our home technology & products for our betterment.

Many businesses & small scale startups have been severely affected by the pandemic, & once again we wish to go normal in the world that was before.

This time taking more precaution, so the theme for this challenge is mainly on COVID-19 & on its impact on our lives.

Keeping this optimistic outlook in view, India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem should remain vigilant for the birth of new ideas that will compel it to re-imagine business for the post-pandemic world.


The Following are the categories, in which you can participate : 

  • COVID-19 Solutions & Preventions( Eg. Ventilators, Dispenser pumps, Masks, etc)
  • Healthcare Management
  • Personal Protection use Equipment
  • IT-based digital products
  • Efficient handling & transportation management of patients
  • Manufacturing of COVID-19 related products.
  • Waste management solutions including e-waste and COVID-19 waste
  • Innovative channels for the supply and distribution of essentials items during this pandemic time.


To participate in this challenge, you must be one or more of the following : 

  • A Student or,
  • A Startup
  • Should have a team 
  • You should be in the Ideation or Prototype stage(Preferably)


  • Incubation Support
  • Investor Connections
  • Mentorship
  • Stakeholder Networking
  • Access to Technology and R&D Infra
  • Access to Domain Experts
  • Seed Funding up to Rs. 15 Lakh


The last date to apply for this innovation challenge is 12 September 2020Register Now

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