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This is Part 1 of Accenture Digital Skills, another part will be published soon with other digital skills! 


Accenture plc is an American-Irish multinational professional services company. 

It offers strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations services, it is a Fortune 500 company with offices around the world.

Accenture Digital Skills is a free, interactive series of courses that help and prepare people to build the digital skills necessary to gain a job or start a business.

➥Why Digital Skills?

Digital literacy is a language; the more digital skills you have, the better you can speak it, & the better you get on your paycheck! 

Digital skills are the unspoken skills that every employer looks for in any potential candidate, so honing your existing skills or learning a new one will surely benefit you. 

Having the right digital skills can help you learn other technologies much faster & it also makes your communication with other technical people more understandable.

Also, companies prefer candidates who have a well-proven record of digital skills, since they would not spend much on your training & helping you get on track, which is a resource-consuming burden for the company. 

So, why not you learn these skills beforehand & that too for FREE! Give it a shot, & you would be rewarded at a later stage. 

➥Skills Included

Some of the skills included in Accenture Digital Skills are : 

1.Artificial Intelligence

Accenture Digital Skills : Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in many businesses to improve the way employees work.

You will enhance your understanding with interesting facts, trends, and insights about using artificial intelligence.

You will also explore the working relationship between humans and AI and the predicted skills needed to work with AI.

This technology course is for anyone with an interest in AI who is looking to improve their entrepreneurial skills, enter the workplace, or change careers.

Duration: 3 Weeks

Rating: 4.7/5.0 (70k+ enrolled)

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2.Digital Marketing

Accenture Digital Skills : Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most crucial elements of growing a business.

On this 2-week course by Accenture, you’ll explore the world of digital marketing and learn some of the best digital marketing strategies.

Become a pro at SEO, email marketing, and targeting customers with advertisements.

This course is for anyone with an interest in digital marketing who is seeking to develop their entrepreneurial skills, preparing to enter the workplace, or looking to change careers.

No prior experience or qualifications required.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Rating: 4.7/5.0 (174k+ enrolled)Register Now


Accenture Digital Skills : Mobile

In this course, you will explore what mobile is, the growth of mobile technology, and the benefits associated with it.

 You will explore what mobile design is by understanding key design concepts and development approaches that will help you to build an effective mobile app.

You will also be able to Identify seven principles of good mobile app design and the importance of effective design. 

This course is for anyone seeking to develop their entrepreneurial skills, preparing to enter the workplace, or looking to change careers.

No prior experience or qualifications required.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Rating: 4.5/5.0 (40k+ enrolled)Register Now

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